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Battery for Iphone 6 Plus

Apple replacement battery for Iphone 6 Plus. Give a new life to your Iphone with this excellent quality product.

Iphone batteries use lithium ion technology. Over the years, you may notice changes in iPhone performance due to battery aging; so it is necessary to replace them. It has 2915 mAh. Autonomy of approximately 9 hours.

When making the change be careful to only lift the battery connector, and not the logic board plug. If it pops up on the logic board socket, you can break the connector completely.

Warranty terms Battery for 6 Plus :

– From 1 to 3 units of the same type of product (15 days warranty)

– More than 4 units of the same type of product (30 days warranty)

Important details:

* Calibrate the newly installed battery: Charge it to 100% and continue charging for at least two more hours. Then use your iPhone until it shuts down due to low battery.
Finally, charge it continuously up to 100%

1. If you have a problem and it is within the 15 or 30 days warranty (the days depend on the volume of purchase) you should record a video showing us the problem
and showing the full screen. This video is sent to the commercial serving you. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

2. In 90% of cases the product is exchanged for a new one of the same type. In the remaining percentage you can invest your money in another product from our store or leave it as a background for future purchases.

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