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Internal Small Parts Iphone X:

Complete Kit of Small Parts compatible with Iphone X  5.8 inches. These hardware or internal supports are useful to secure the connections of the different flex and other internal components. They are usually missing when the phone has been disassembled and therefore has not been assembled with all its parts.

To manipulate any electronic component, you must wear gloves, handles or any antistatic protection. In this way, you avoid causing cuts or damage to these elements.

Auxiliary Utensils For Small Parts :

*Pentalobe Screwdriver (The P5 driver is compatible with the 5-point star shaped pentalobe 5IPR security fasteners used on the bottom of some Apple laptops)

*Crozz Screwdriver (Cross-shaped head)

*Tree Points Screwdriver (Y-shaped tip)

Warranty terms  Small Parts Iphone X :

– From 1 to 3 units of the same type of product (15 days warranty)

– More than 4 units of the same type of product (30 days warranty)

Important details:

*You must count and check the product before placing it once the product is delivered and placed the warranty is lost.

1. If you have a problem and it is within the 15 or 30 days warranty (the days depend on the volume of purchase) you should record a video showing us the problem
and showing the full screen. This video is sent to the commercial serving you. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

2. In 90% of cases the product is exchanged for a new one of the same type. In the remaining percentage you can invest your money in another product from our store or leave it as a background for future purchases.

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