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Soldering Tin Quick 0.5mm:

Soldering Tin Quick 0.5mm alloy welding wire.

Weight: 50g

Melting point: 168-183

Diameter: 0.3-0.6

Steps to follow

  • Prepare well the parts to be welded. Basically it is about being clean and dry.
  • Make sure that the tip of the soldering iron is also clean.
  • Heat the soldering iron to the right temperature, which will largely depend on the size of the pieces to be soldered. That is why it is good that the soldering iron is adjustable. For a cable 350 degrees may be sufficient, while for larger pieces 400 or 450 degrees may be needed. For welders who do not set the temperature or are not adjustable, it is good to know that these temperatures are achieved with powers of 25-30 to 40 W.
  • To begin, tin the pieces separately, that is, place a little tin on the area where the joint is to be made. In this way, when both pieces are joined, the tin of the joint will more easily join the tin of each of the pieces, giving rise to a more homogeneous joint.
  • Once both pieces are tinned, join them until they touch. It is very important that they remain completely still during the process. If they are small pieces you will have to hold them with tweezers to avoid loosening or moving them when they heat up.
  • Tinning the joint.
  • Once the tinning is finished, wait for it to dry.


Tips for soldering with tin and getting it right

  • Control the temperature as much as possible.
  • Be patient with drying. One of the big mistakes made when you are a novice is to blow so that the solder dries before, but that should never be done, since if you blow it dries too quickly and the solder is too brittle and breaks when you use it. Everything takes time.
  • When using the soldering iron, the inclination of the same is important, since the more inclined you hold it, the greater the surface of the tip will be in contact with the area to be welded and the more effective the work will be.
  • Use tweezers or “third hand” support systems whenever necessary. That is something that you are going to learn with practice, and it will become less and less difficult for you to know when you are able to hold something without moving it and when not.
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